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R&D is considered the heart of our company. The combination of the constant research of innovative solutions, the close attention to the customer need, the exploit of the recent technologies allow transfer gomma to offer specific and avantgarde products. The investment in last generation technologies and the effective collaboration with suppliers carry towards a service in line with the market evolution


The production is specialized in the creation of the transfer and implies several steps, leaving from the graphic elaboration and arriving to a screen printing sequence, using some semifinished products, resins and homemade inks.
The production cycle is thoroughly organized in order to guarantee the maximum efficiency and flexibility for satisfying the customer and market needs.

Quality Control

The investment in the quality control is a paramount element for all companies whose aims are to satisfy the customer, to respect the rules and to guarantee their reputation on the market. Transfer Gomma is very careful to the quality control of its items, leaving from the raw materials, to the production steps, arriving to the supplying chain. The evaluation process gives the opportunity to identify some potential improvement acts for reaching a better efficiency in productivity.

Post Selling Service

The post selling assistence is one of the paramount service for Transfer Gomma. The customer care gives the chance to create durable and reliable partnerships, for a trustful relation with the customer.

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